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Montréal and Paris based group Plumes makes music described as “a glorious crossover of classical music grace and indie-pop catchiness” (Grayowl Point). Their debut self-titled album was hailed as a “a carefully constructed Baroque masterpiece, filled with orchestrated meditations on the peaks and valleys of love” (NYC Deli Mag) and their follow-up album, Folk Songs and Future Loves, interspersed original songs with Bartók and Luciano Berio folk songs. With comparisons to Kate Bush, St.Vincent, Dirty Projectors and Schubert, the group continues to explore the blending of pop and classical styles with instrumentation that includes harp, viola, clarinets, drums, electric guitar and strings. Their third album,recorded in a castle near Dresden, Germany will be released in autumn 2016.

Wie eine Feder im Wind wiegt sich die Musik von Veronica Charnley, eine Mischung aus Indiepop und Klassik. Man kann guten Gewissens von kompositorischer Vielfalt sprechen, Raw Rock Energie trifft auf Kate Bush, die komplexen Rhythmen und spektakulären Melodien erinnern zeitweise an Radiohead, manchmal an die Dirty Projectors. (Festival Sound of Bronkow)

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