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Erik Fastén
Konzert, Musik

Singer/songwriter based in Gothenburg Sweden

There is a naked honesty in Erik Fasten’s music that is difficult to resist. It´s delightfully poetic, yet deeply rooted in raw reality.
Take time to really listen and find yourself enveloped in an evocative world, where the very core emotion can express its self freely.

Parallels can be drawn to artists like Elliot Smith, Nick Drake or Leonard Cohen, but Erik's music stands very firmly on its own.


Although Erik Fastén has been an active participant in the Gothenburg music scene for several years, having explored everything from free jazz to punk rock , he did not venture out on his own as a solo artist until 2015. Since the first few tracks were released in the summer of 2015, Erik has completed five tours around Europe, playing at all kinds of venues, from bars to festivals.

In the fall of 2016, Erik started working on his debut album ”10 Songs”, the album is recorded by Johan Håkansson, produced by Johan Håkansson and Per Gunnar Juliusson and mixed by Thomas Andrén.

The record contains 10 songs that will take you on a emotional journey and perhaps give you a glimpse of Fasténs subconscious language (or even better, your own). In some way, it's a very personal album with Erik’s life experiences as a core, but the subjects are universal to most living beings. It´s an album about life, death, fear and love, and while the lyrics are very important it would be nothing without the music.

Erik: ”I´ve always thought that music begins where the language ends, music is so much richer than words to me.”

”10 Songs” is scheduled for release 3rd of November thru Adore Music and Personal Space Records.

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