Sa 07.07.2018, 20.00 Uhr

Tom & Tonsils
Konzert, Musik

Songwriter, guitarist, singer Tom Vienne and keyboardist, singer Veronique (Vayroneek) Swennen, drummer Wim Gijbels and bass player Toon Vanotterdijk form Tonsils, a quirky indie faux-pop band with d.i.y. aestethics. Tom gathered his experience from playing with local lofi and underground pop heroes Peter Houben (Nemo, Mitsoobishy Jacson) and Erik Debny (The Shovels). He’s been recording demos on a laptop since early 2007 with Counts and eventually providing song material for Tonsils. They put out two full albums on vinyl and cassette on FONS Records and Gazer Tapes. Tom and Veronique made it to New York City in 2016 where they performed as Tonsils with The JRams(Jeffrey Lewis’ band) on drums and bass. They're currently working on their next release with chief Teen Creep(s) Bert Vliegen which will appear on FONS, Gazer and newborn home-label Soggy Cabbage.

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